Welcome to thelightside, where nothing is taken too serious!

I have been anxious a lot the last few days.  Why? Because I am  an aspiring Author, who just started his first ever Blog, and recently opened a Twitter Account.   I am also a father of one (so far) and soon to be a  married man. I am an accountant by education…. and would like to be a  professional (WHERE ARE ALL THE JOBS???) and lastly I am  a firm believer that humanity can be saved by not taking themselves too serious.

I will like to exchange ideas about writing books and the creativity that comes with it.  I strongly encourage people to leave their comments, and I promise to respond to as many comments as is humanly possible.

I am a firm believer in the power of a great and  respectful debate.  I intend to have intelligent conversations on this Blog, that would enrich the minds of those interacting here.  My goal is to learn as much as possible, and hopefully teach a thing or two to fellow authors and readers.

One of my biggest shocks about the internet came when I saw what people posted in anonymity. I envied the “Trolls”, not because of their conduct online, but because of the amount of time they have in their lives. If I were them, I would be on a nice beach somewhere smoking a cigar, and feeling like a Godfather for a minute or two. No one should have that much time to waste, insulting complete strangers they will never meet(hopefully).  It should be a crime!

Fortunately I have more respect than that and I hope everyone who ever gets to read this Blog gets nothing but respect and an educational debate to further their writing career or readership.

Thank you to everyone who will take their precious time to read what we have to say!

Click, Publish Post(with a  few butterflies in my stomach to confirm that I am a rookie Blogger)



About thelighteside

I am an aspiring author, looking to connect with readers,writers and authors. I promise to respond to all comments!

8 responses to “Welcome to thelightside, where nothing is taken too serious!”

  1. eden baylee says :

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  2. Teresa Cypher (@Teresa_Cypher) says :

    Ha! What Eden said! Welcome Vusa.

    I am an admin on a writing site called Weekend Writing Warriors. We use #8sunday as our Twitter hashtag. It’s a bloghop–are you familiar with the concept? Each week, writers sign up; there is no long term commitment. And it’s free. Then, on our own blogs, we post 8 sentences of something we’ve written, published or unpublished, it matters not. Then we use the linky list on the sign up site (wewriwa.com) to click on participants’ names and then “hop” to their blogs. We visit, read each others short excerpts, leave comments, criticisms, give support. You seem like a friendly person. Friendly people do well with sites like ours. If you visit someone and leave a comment on their excerpt, nine times out of ten, they’ll return the visit and offer advice, criticism, encouragement, and everyone is respectful. If you get to the place where you’re ready for interaction with other writers, join us 🙂

    If this looks like spam to you, I apologize.

    I just followed you back on Twitter and I try to take the time to read each bio of people I follow. I saw on yours that you’re looking to interact with other writers. Wewriwa is such a good group of writers, I thought it was worth mentioning to you. 🙂

    Good luck with your writing! I’ve found online writers to be the nicest bunch of people as a whole.

  3. thelighteside says :

    Thanks a lot Teresa. Same to you!

  4. Mark Victor Young says :

    Best of luck with your writing and blogging, Vusa!

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